First Couch to 5K Course a Success


Sherfield Park Runners organised their first Couch to 5K course (C25K) which started in January and ended with a 5K parkrun in Basingstoke's War Memorial Park on Saturday 29 March 2014.

The C25K course took place over 9 weeks on a Wednesday night from 7.30pm. Despite some of the darkest and coldest (and sometimes rainiest) nights, the C25K beginners turned out week after week.

Medals.jpgMost who took part had never run before and yet with grit and determination they worked their way up from short running and walking bursts to a full 5K run.

Congratulations to the following who completed the course and are now fully fledged Sherfield Park Runners members:

Helen Adams, Sam Tyler, Lucy Calver
(who despite missing
3 weeks having an appendix op came back determined to succeed), Sally Dunne, Cheryl Hackney, Naomi Lynam, Sue Pritchard, Steph Pritchard, Jody Taylor and Dan Tyler.

Many of our C25K graduates are now looking for their next challenge, so we're starting our 10K training sessions on Thursdays from 1st May.

See you all on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays for club nights.