SPR ladies put their best foot foward for charity


On 18 June 2014, a substantial size team from Sherfield Park Runners entered the Race for Life held at Down Grange, Basingstoke in aid of breast cancer; an illness that touches the heart of many including those of team SPR. We all know someone who has been hit by some form of cancer and therefore taking part in the Race for Life meant many of us had our own personal reasons for taking on the challenge.

RFL1.jpg RFL2.jpg

It was a beautiful warm summer evening with glorious sunshine and a blue sky; for some it may have been too warm! Team SPR decided to run the challenge in style wearing bright pink tutus and pink hair – we looked amazing. Hot chicks to say the least! We certainly brought attention to ourselves.

There were so many who took part from all over Hampshire; it was pretty busy with plenty of bottle necks and single file running which made it difficult on occasions. Having said that it was a fun event and the purpose of it was to support Race for Life; no PBs were going to be achieved for sure!


We all started together, either running the 5k or 10k route; as the event unfolded our own little groups formed which meant we could all run at a pace, as individuals, we were comfortable with. Being part of a club means that there is always someone at a similar fitness and experience level as you.

It wasn’t an easy course being on grass and a little up and down in places with very narrow paths on occasions and a mixture of runners and walkers.

You certainly had to have your wits about you. Lots of gaggling ladies enjoying themselves – a nightmare some would say! The atmosphere was amazing and so much fun being part of.

Team SPR completed the Race for Life whether we ran the 10k, 5k or we walked. There is no doubt about it - Sherfield Park Runners ran the Basingstoke Race for Life in style and what an enjoyable evening we all had.

RFL4.jpgOne of the many wonderful things about Sherfield Park Runners is that we are very much a supportive Club and most events are supported by members who are not running. The Race for Life was no exception; members were there to support us, some even wearing the pink hair and tutus! Having cheering and words of encouragement throughout the event was so helpful and certainly gets you to the end; having a friendly, smiling and familiar face at the end of an event is always wonderful.


For team Sherfield Park Runners this was an event which will go down in the history books as a fun, colourful and a worthwhile one; bring on 2015.

Race report written by
Danielle Millar