Winning a place in the Beachy Head Marathon's a great prize!


Only those who really love their running could possibly understand why winning a place in the Beachy Head Marathon in October is a great prize!!!!  I was delighted to be selected by Women's Running magainze following my story about what inspires me to run. Bereavement is something we all deal with in so many different ways and nobody can ever determine a right or a wrong. Following the loss of my wonderful husband, running has been a significant contributor to my healing process. I am honoured to be able to run in his name and thanks to the support and encouragement of the magazine and a GREAT RUNNING CLUB I feel well prepared for this challenge. I also won some great running kit, a cool headtorch and some new trail shoes which will serve me well in the SPR cross country team, as well as on the top of Seven Sisters cliffs!!!!

Julie_Hughes_Beachy_Head.jpgA further part of the prize package is a personal coach and nutritionist which has been very interesting!

So what have I changed in my running as a result?

According to my coach my legs have good technique, my arms were a shambles! I have a number of strength exercises and techniques to run with more effective arms which I am assured will increase my speed ... I have been given a sprint training session and a hill training session each week. I am enjoying both but I am getting some Achilles tweaks from the excessive hill work. However, the marathon has a 1800 metre climb so I don't think I can ignore this part of the training programme!!!! I was also told in no uncertain terms that I overtrain! So, I have been very disciplined about at least one day rest a week but I do find that hard!!! I was also told my nutrition and hydration needed attention! So, more disciplined about my pre-race breakfasts and attention to a high protein diet and this has definitely helped with my stamina for long runs.

Running with SPR fellow members has been the most significant contributor to keeping my running mojo up and I will enter this challenge with enthusiasm and mental strength. A BIG THANK YOU TO SPR! I love trail running and have entered a few trail HMs along the way which constantly reminds me of the benefits of being outdoors in the countryside and often accompanied by my dog who supports me all the way haha!

Article written by
Julie Hughes